leftchannel's Columbus base keeps costs low, efficiency high

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Locally based leftchannel pioneered the use of animation in graphics, helping it win international acclaim.

While the worldwide attention is welcome and a business booster, having a base in the Columbus Region has offered many advantages, says Alberto Scirocco, leftchannel's president and creative director.

"The central location of Columbus offers the advantage in our ability to work with a lot of different markets," Scirocco says. "Being here has also allowed us to control costs and keep things extremely efficient."

The company, whose tagline is "we design in motion," brings brand stories to life by animating television commercials, logos, broadcast identities, titles and other elements. It channels its work through platforms that include broadcasting, online, mobile, in store and live events. With that sort of creative work, being located here offers other advantages, too, Scirocco says.

"As far as resources, being in a college town definitely provides the opportunity to find young artists," he says.

Vitality infuses the region, and that is a major plus for any business owner considering setting up shop here.

"I'd suggest locating your business in one of the emerging neighborhoods of the city, like Franklinton," Scirocco says. "You'll be a part of that energy and be located where many of the improvements are going."

When leftchannel began in 2002, very few motion design studios existed anywhere, so the unique nature of the business was a natural attraction factor, Scirocco says.

"Being one of the first companies creating motion graphics, we pioneered a lot of techniques and looks," he says. "We made some pieces that resonated with the world market, which brought attention to us.

"I think what has made a real difference is the fact that our work stood out from the start," he adds. "We never expected to have the degree of international press and accolades that we have been having, especially in the last two years."

It hasn't always been easy. The recession and other fluctuation in the economy taught leftchannel some invaluable lessons.

"One of the most valuable lessons has been keeping things very efficient," Scirocco says. "We chose to stay small and that allowed for quick adaptation to environmental changes."

For leftchannel, the Columbus Region is a home that can benefit from the company's own investments.

"We keep investing in our community because we believe in it," Scirocco says. "We think that this will pay back as Columbus gains a greater presence in the United States."

Scirocco believes that attitude is shared by other region businesses, and in the long run that will be good for everyone.

"The businesses invested in the city are moving away from a mindset of 'me too' and gaining a real sense of identity," he says. "As this happens, all of us here will gain momentum."

In fact, leftchannel is partnering with several local-based organizations to promote the city and help put it on the nation's radar.

"This will eventually loop back to us and our success as a business," Scirocco says.

TC Brown is a freelance writer.


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