Getting involved in region is the Columbus Way

Mary Yost

Some people talk about the Columbus Way. Others might use more direct, descriptive terms: collaborative, strategic, civic-minded.

Whatever you call it, the attitude that permeates Columbus 2020 and its work to promote the Columbus Region is one of collective positive energy and eye-on-the-ball focus toward meeting goals. Columbus 2020 is the kind of economic development effort that business and community leaders want to get behind, and many already are.

More than 300 companies and nonprofit organizations are recognized as investors in Columbus 2020, along with more than two dozen state and local government agencies. The investor list reads like a Who's Who of leading area businesses. Their investments have included dollars, time and talent-all contributing to goal-centric efforts to add jobs, boost wages, improve the infrastructure and build the Columbus Region's reputation as a world-class business location.

Contact Investor Relations Director Chip Holcombe to find out how your business can become an investor-with dollars or otherwise.

In addition to providing financial support and in-kind services, Columbus 2020 offers several other ways to get engaged in the Columbus Region and support its economic development efforts.

For starters, share photos of business milestones. Columbus 2020 is interested in expanding its library of photos, which includes pictures of people at work, regional landscapes and scenery, geographical landmarks, educational institutions, corporations and businesses, facilities and industry. Directions for sharing photos are on the Columbus 2020 website,

Announcements of economic development projects and other business successes are also encouraged, and an online form makes it easy to submit this kind of news.

And to stay up-to-date on developments in the Columbus Region, sign up to receive weekly blog posts and news from Chief Economic Officer Kenny McDonald. McDonald's weekly review provides a quick snapshot of the region's news from the preceding week, and his online blog looks ahead to upcoming events while providing insight into local business developments.

However you choose to connect, there are many ways to get involved in the Columbus Region!