Clear Channel Spectacolor takes producing steps

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Columbus CEO

NEW YORK (AP) — The new Broadway revival of "Side Show" has a new producer and it's not hard to guess where they'll want to promote the show.

Clear Channel Spectacolor, an outdoor advertising giant with massive billboards and digital screens across Times Square, has taken the unprecedented step of helping produce a theatrical venture.

The show, about a pair of conjoined twins during the vaudeville era, opens this fall at the St. James Theatre, fresh off a well-received run in Washington, D.C. The show has been reimagined and directed by Bill Condon.

Clear Channel Spectacolor, a division of Clear Channel Outdoor, has helped produce a simulcast of the Tony Awards for the past six years. Visitors to Times Square cannot ignore their displays — some as long as a city block — that are filled with quick-moving ads and content, lighting up the night and honoring, with a digital twist, the area's nickname as "The Great White Way."

"As a true producing partner on 'Side Show,' Clear Channel is showing the world yet again, they can be innovative in the way we market great theater on Broadway," lead producer Darren Bagert said in a statement released Thursday.