PG&E officials removed for improper communications

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Columbus CEO

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Pacific Gas & Electric Co. said Monday that three senior officials lost their jobs over improper communications with state regulators.

The move followed PG&E's internal investigation of allegations of improper contacts between the utility and officials at the California Public Utilities Commission.

PG&E said its probe found improper emails last January between PG&E and the commission over the assignment of state officials to decide a rate case involving PG&E.

The internal probe stemmed from allegations surrounding a separate state probe of a deadly 2010 PG&E pipeline blast in San Bruno.

In July, emails made public at the request of the city of San Bruno showed PG&E officials discussing with top state utility commission officials and staffers how much the state should fine PG& E in that blast.

The commission said Monday that commission president Michael Peevey was removing himself from the San Bruno case and from the other case.