When life gives you tomatoes _ throw them

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Columbus CEO

AMSTERDAM (AP) — Amsterdam's central Dam square is set to be the scene of a red pulpy mess Sunday, as entrepreneurs have seized upon Russia's boycott of European produce to set up a tomato-throwing fight.

The idea is lifted from Spain's famed annual "La Tomatina" festival.

The Dutch event is being marketed as a protest, but participants say they're mostly looking forward to smacking friends and strangers with overripe tomatoes. Wearing goggles is strongly advised.

Tickets to the one-hour fight cost 15 euros ($18) each and around 1,000 have been sold.

Organizers say they have purchased 120,000 tomatoes labeled unfit for human consumption for the event. Remains will be cleaned and sent to a biogas production facility.

Organizer Joep Verbunt says proceeds will go to tomato growers hurt by the sanctions.