Estimate: 3 in 10 NFL retirees face cognitive woes

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Columbus CEO

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A report in the NFL concussion litigation estimates that nearly three in 10 former players will develop at least moderate cognitive problems.

The report released Friday was prepared for the ex-players' attorneys. It estimates that 28 percent of all retired players will be diagnosed with either Alzheimer's disease or moderate dementia. That would represent nearly 6,000 of the 19,000 living former players.

The players' actuary expects another 31 retirees to be diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease and 24 with Parkinson's disease during their lives.

The NFL also predicted that 28 percent of retired players will qualify for an award.

Both sides have agreed that $675 million should be enough to fund the settlement for 65 years, although the NFL says it will add more money if needed.

The fund wouldn't cover current players.