Bob Evans colocates IT operations to Cologix Columbus using AEP Ohio incentive

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Columbus CEO

The Bob Evans/Cologix partnership was announced in this morning's press release:

Cologix, a network-neutral interconnection and data center company, is providing a bonus benefit to businesses that colocate IT and network equipment with Cologix in Columbus, Ohio via the AEP Ohio Energy Efficiency Data Center Program. AEP Ohio, which provides power to much of central Ohio, offers incentive payments to business customers that invest in programs to increase energy efficiency and implement energy-efficient technologies. By replacing a legacy in-house data center with a deployment in Cologix's enterprise grade data center,Bob Evans Farmsmet all of the programs' criteria and is the first corporate user to qualify by leveraging third party data center services.

Bob Evans owns and operates more than 550 family restaurants in 19 states, primarily in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions of the United States. Through the data center program, Bob Evans has achieved significant energy efficiencies and received cash incentive payments from AEP Ohio based on projected annualized energy savings.

"By participating in the AEP Ohio Energy Efficiency Data Center Program and colocating in Cologix Columbus, Bob Evans has partnered with a hometown brand that enables us to focus on growing our business and serving our customers," said George Haller, vice president, IT Infrastructure and Operations Services, Bob Evans. "The decision to move into Cologix was already compelling for us based on our confidence in their infrastructure and high touch support staff focused on our dedicated environment that allow us to focus more attention on creating a great experience for our own customers across the country. The incentives from the AEP Ohio Business Incentive program presented a bonus for making the decision to work with Cologix and offered a great sense of pride for the company that we are doing our part for the environment."

"We are very pleased that Cologix Columbus is positioned as a strategic partner in the AEP Ohio Energy Efficiency Data Center Program," said Frank Dargham, Customer Service Account Manager at AEP Ohio. "Cologix's investment in infrastructure resiliency and efficiency make Cologix unique in our market, providing regionally headquartered enterprises the secure and efficient location they need to take advantage of our incentive program."

Cologix Columbus' power and cooling systems work harmoniously with other efficiency measures engineered into the facility. Collectively, these measures help achieve a leading power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio. A very high percentage of the power delivered to the data center is available to power customers' IT equipment, with only a small percentage of total power utilized for power conditioning or cooling purposes.

"Energy efficiencies and cost savings are extremely important to our customers, which is why we're excited to market the AEP Ohio Energy Efficiency Data Center Program," saidKim Gerhart, general manager, Cologix Columbus. "Once prospective customers tour our facility, many are already convinced about the resiliency, performance and cost benefits of adopting our colocation model to replace legacy in-house environments. The AEP Energy Efficiency Data Center program further validates those customers' business cases and strategic decisions."