Pound sinks as Scottish independence race tightens

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

LONDON (AP) — The British pound slid to a 10-month low against the dollar and shares in Scotland-based companies fell after opinion polls suggested the campaign for Scottish independence could be edging toward victory.

In trading Monday, the pound was down 1.4 percent at $1.6104, its lowest level since November. Meanwhile, shares in Scottish-based companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Standard Life fell around 3 percent.

For months, polls have put the anti-independence side ahead, but the gap has narrowed ahead of the Sept. 18 vote. A poll released Sunday put the pro-independence side in the lead, albeit by two points. Other polls give the 'No' side a narrow lead.

The leader of the anti-independence "Better Together" campaign denied his forces were panicking as 'Yes' campaigners claimed to have the momentum.