Activist pleads guilty in Ohio for P&G HQ protest

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Columbus CEO

CINCINNATI (AP) — One of nine Greenpeace activists charged in a protest at Procter & Gamble Co. headquarters in Cincinnati has pleaded guilty to a single felony count.

Charles Long of Chicago pleaded to a low-level charge of breaking and entering in exchange for prosecutors agreeing he can perform community service and pay restitution as his sentence.

Greenpeace says the activists were exercising their right to peaceful protest when they slipped into the consumer products giant's headquarters March 4 and displayed huge banners criticizing palm oil supplies the organization links to rainforest destruction.

Hamilton County judge Robert Winkler set sentencing Nov. 12 for the 35-year-old Long and has scheduled trial Oct. 27 for the other eight activists, who all face burglary and vandalism counts that could bring nine-year sentences with conviction.