CEO Pay: Healthy pay for health care CEOs

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

NEW YORK (AP) — Here's a look at median CEO pay by industry last year, as calculated by executive pay research firm Equilar and The Associated Press. For the fifth time in six years, health care CEOs got the most pay while CEOs at utility companies got the least.

—Health care: $12.3 million, up 13 percent

—Financial: $12 million, up 22 percent

—Industrial goods: $10.8 million, up 7 percent

—Basic materials: $10.5 million, up 7 percent

—All companies: $10.5 million, up 9 percent

—Consumer goods: $10.3 million, up 8 percent

—Technology: $10.2 million, up 9 percent

—Services: $10.2 million, down 3 percent

—Utilities: $7.9 million, up 8 percent