Highlights of the House $601 billion defense bill

Staff Writer
Columbus CEO

Highlights of the $601 billion defense bill that the House overwhelmingly passed on Thursday.


—A pay raise of 1.8 percent for military personnel. The Pentagon had proposed a 1 percent increase.

—Millions for refueling the nuclear-powered USS George Washington aircraft carrier. The Pentagon had been considering retiring the carrier.

—$20 million for planning and design of a missile defense site on the East Coast, which the Pentagon is still studying.

—Prohibits spending to implement the New START treaty with Russia until the armed forces of Russia "no longer illegally occupy Ukrainian territory." The Senate ratified the treaty in 2010.

—Full coverage for off-base housing costs for a service member who doesn't receive government-provided housing. The department had proposed a gradual reduction to 94 percent.

—Spares the U-2 spy plane, A-10 Warthog air support aircraft.

—Prohibits the transfer of terror suspects held at the U.S. naval facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to maximum-security prisons in the United States.