Government to make announcement in GM probe

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Columbus CEO

The U.S. Transportation Department says it will make a "major" announcement Friday on its investigation into General Motors safety issues.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Acting Administrator David Friedman are scheduled to attend a press briefing at the department's headquarters Friday morning.

The agencies have been investigating GM's delayed recall of 2.6 million small cars due to faulty ignition switches. GM has acknowledged knowing about the problem for at least a decade but didn't recall the cars until earlier this year. The company says at least 13 people have died in crashes linked to the problem.

The agencies have the authority to fine GM $35 million for being too slow to respond to safety issues. That's the maximum fine that NHTSA can assess under the law.

Automakers are required to report safety defects to NHTSA within five days of discovering them.