Snowboarders: ski area ban fosters hostility

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Columbus CEO

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A group of snowboarders suing one of the last U.S. ski resorts to prohibit snowboarding says Alta ski area's ban encourages "hostile and divisive skier-versus-snowboarder attitudes."

Attorneys for the group say in a motion filed this week in federal court that skiers and snowboarders coexist and thrive together at other resorts around the world, making Alta's ban irrational.

The snowboarders filed the lawsuit in January claiming discrimination on national forest lands that make up most of the ski area in the mountains east of Salt Lake City.

Alta attorneys say the decision to promote a snowboarder-free experience to lure skiers is within the ski area's rights and violates no constitutional rights. They said in a motion in April that the lawsuit degrades the U.S. Constitution and should be thrown out.