View from the Shard can surprise hotel guests

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Columbus CEO

LONDON (AP) — The new hotel at one London's skyscrapers offers rooms with a view — but it isn't always what guests expect.

The Shangri-La Hotel — located on the upper floors of The Shard — has a design quirk that means glass panels protruding from the skyscraper can act as mirrors once internal lights are switched on at night. That means that in some rooms, it is possible to get a glimpse of neighboring guests.

Darren Gearing, the executive vice president and hotel general manager, says in statement Saturday that blinds are available for privacy. Guests will be advised when they check in.

The Renzo Piano-designed 72-story building is unique in that it features entire walls that are windows. The hotel in the 310-meter (1,017-foot) tower opened last week.