SBC Advertising spins off digital unit into new agency

The Columbus Dispatch

May 8, 2014

Columbus-based SBC Advertising has spun off its digital department and joined with sibling company San Diego-based Aviatech to form a new Web-focused agency, Mindstream Interactive.

Both the Columbus and San Diego offices of the new agency will retain all current clients and employees, SBC said. The combined firm has 90 employees evenly split between Ohio and California.

Memphis, Tenn.-based Eastport Holdings is the parent company for SBC and Mindstream.

"A 90-person shop is going to be a pretty significant group in the sector," said David Dennis, president of SBC, who will leave that role to become CEO of Mindstream.

Steve Agganis, who was vice president of SBC, becomes president of Mindstream's Columbus office.

Todd Juneau, who was president of Aviatech, becomes president of Mindstream's San Diego office.