Malinta focuses on water, sewer projects

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MALINTA - Water and sewer projects kept much of the village’s attention throughout 2013.

While Malinta joined in with other county municipalities later in the year for a proposed water treatment plant project in Napoleon, the village spent a fair amount of time in 2013 addressing water issues closer to home.

Continued negotiations with the county water district through the year eventually saw an agreement for a line running through to the Village of McClure. Since the district absorbed McClure into its water service, Malinta had been eyed as an in-between location that could draw water from Napoleon, as it already had been doing, and further pump the water to McClure.

The hope for the project was to increase water pressure and distribution activity to prevent the water from accumulating Trihalomethanes, which are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Interest in the regional water treatment plant had been discussed throughout the year and as village officials received more information about the coalition, interest continued to build, especially in the village’s board of public affairs.

BPA President Rick Baden previously said being involved in the project would be the best way for the village to control its water expenditures and would be more cost-effective than the village constructing its own plant or paying a distribution surcharge if the village was not included in the project.

Council approved an ordinance to commit to the plant in October.

In addition, the village continued preparations for its storm sewer project and moved forward with phase one.

The village was previously approved for $20,750 in Ohio Public Works Commission funds for the first phase, which was to be used by the end of the year per the agreement for the funding. In a December council meeting, it was reported this phase was completed.

Malinta applied for OPWC funds for phase two of the project but recently learned it would not receive funding this year. However, the commission offered a zero-percent, 30-year loan, which could provide $106,210 toward the project, which was accepted by council.

The loan funds will reportedly cover the entirety of phase two and approximately $40,000 will be needed in the future to complete the third phase.

The beginnings of the planned sewer improvement project would install a large discharge for the storm sewers and help alleviate flooding in areas around the school building.

Also in Malinta, with funds approved for a variety of park projects in 2013, the village found itself busy with improvements to the grounds.

The concession stand received some attention with a new door and lock, with the full scope of the project including a drip guard, new stairs leading to the second level and a new scoreboard.

The village had its park examined by Ohio Plan Risk Management in August to make liability recommendations and found no major issues. Recommendations to replace the safety surface materials around playground equipment and fix wooden barriers containing the material. Fixing the issues allowed the village to save money on its municipal insurance.

Council is also continuing to work with Scout member Noah Pickering, who is proposing a project at the park for his work toward becoming an Eagle Scout.

Nancy Hatfield has spearheaded parks and recreation efforts in the village since council disbanded the park board in 2012. Since reorganizing the efforts, she reported concession profits during that summer ball season and said the field’s surface keeps it drier than others in the area and attracts a lot of games that would otherwise be canceled.

Moving forward into 2014, council will look to fill two vacant seats at the table. Council member Tracy McDaniels did not seek re-election in November and its most recent meeting saw the resignation of Robert Zachrich.

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