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Eds: After analyzing usage of Money & Markets products and feedback from customers, the AP is focusing resources on Money & Markets modules that receive high use and will stop producing those that receive low use.

Beginning the week of Jan. 6, the Associated Press will eliminate the "Question of the Day" module in the daily Money & Markets product.

The AP will also eliminate these low-use modules in the weekend Money & Markets Extra product.

— $1,000 Derby

— Behind the Brand

— Weekly Fund Focus

— Fund Screener

— Main Event/Investor Calendar

— Of Mutual Interest

— One Year Ago

— Stock Screener

Members will not need to worry about space left by missing graphics. Our staff is going through all weekly pages and replacing discontinued modules with alternative data. If you would like to request specific replacement content, please contact Otherwise, the markets staff will choose appropriate alternative content wherever possible. Data Charts for "Winners and Losers," ''Industry Rankings," ''Dow 30" and "Weekly Interest Rates" will be discontinued, but the agate data will remain.

Money & Markets is a dynamic text, data and graphic product consisting of modules that focus on stocks, mutual funds and other financial markets. Money & Markets is produced five days a week. Its sister product, Money & Markets Extra, is aimed at a weekend audience. Data modules help investors assess the performance of stocks, mutual funds and other investments, while the text modules are explanatory, analytical and forward-looking.

The M&M leadership team of editor Trevor Delaney ( and Todd Balog, manager/market support ( are available to help you tailor your financial markets package to meet your local market, coverage and space needs, advise on best practices and offer other suggestions. This service is available as part of your current Money & Markets package.