Paul Mock withdraws as council president

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Columbus CEO

LOGAN — Less than two months after being elected to serve as president of Logan City Council, Paul Mock (R) reluctantly withdrew from office earlier this week after learning his retirement benefits would end.

“The Public Employees Retirement System informed me a week ago that there were some conflicts in some of the portions of my pension,” he told The Logan Daily News Friday. “If I went back into public service, they would terminate my benefits.”

Mock worked for Hocking County Children Services for 19 years, was a member of the Logan-Hocking School Board for 15 years and currently is the southeast regional manager for the Ohio School Boards Association.

Mock said he researched the matter prior to running for election and it didn’t seem to be a problem, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now.

“That’s why I’m stepping away. Otherwise, I would really enjoy serving,” he said.

Mock also thanked the 774 people who elected him to office. “I’m very humbled with the support the citizens showed me all through the campaign,” he continued. “It was very gratifying the way things turned out. I was looking forward to serving the citizens. I won’t be doing that, but maybe I can find some other opportunities.”

Mock defeated his democratic opponent, Larry Beal, by a wide margin with 67 percent of the vote in the November election.

Logan City Council President Greg Fraunfelter did not seek re-election.

The Hocking County Republican Party has 45 days to appoint someone as president. Republican Chairman Scott Vermillion said two people might be interested in serving, including Fraunfelter and Roger Hosler.

“Greg Fraunfelter has expressed interest, Roger Hosler is a possibility, we have 45 days from the time we were called (to make a decision),” Vermillion noted.

The next meeting of Logan City Council is Tuesday, Jan. 14, but it’s unclear who will serve as president if someone isn’t appointed by then.

Possibilities include Fraunfelter, who could be asked to stay on as president until someone is selected, or councilman Jim Robinson, who has served in the absence of the president. One source even said Mock might be asked to serve until someone is appointed, but it’s uncertain if that might jeopardize his PERS benefits.