County auditor warns residents about promises of lower taxes

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Columbus CEO

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Champaign County Auditor Karen Bailey is asking taxpayers to contact her office regarding their property values before hiring an outside firm promising a lower property tax. A news release states some local residents have received such guarantees via mailings.

Property tax values are available at the Auditor's Office, where staff can answer questions and explain the appeal process through the county Board of Revision, a process set up by state law as a method for taxpayers to get their values individually reviewed free of charge.

“Promises of risk free filings are extremely misleading,” Bailey states. “Each case is considered on its merits and documentation presented and the Board of Revision can change the value as warranted.

“The information is available and easy to access both online and in person,” Bailey added. “Why pay some out-of-town company to provide what you can get for free?”

Property owners who believe their value is inaccurate can file a Board of Revision Complaint for free by March 31, 2014. Forms and instructions are available from the Auditor's Office or may be accessed on the auditor's website.

Taxpayers also can view their property record online at and can review recent sales of comparable properties. The county Auditor's Office can be reached at 484-1600.