Operators ground model of chopper that crashed

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LONDON (AP) — A 10th person has died following the crash of a police helicopter into a Glasgow pub, police said Thursday, as a British transport company briefly grounded its helicopters of the type involved in the crash after detecting a technical problem on a recent flight.

Bond Air Services, operator of the Eurocopter EC135 Type 2 chopper that crashed Nov. 29, said another EC135 in its fleet experienced "an indication defect" on Wednesday that required further investigation.

It said the grounding followed an issue with a fuel indication system and briefly suspended operation of all 22 of the copters.

By late Thursday, several of the helicopters returned to service.

British investigators have said there was no initial evidence of engine failure in the police helicopter that crashed into The Clutha pub.

The helicopter's crew — a civilian pilot and two police officers — were among the dead and Scotland police said Thursday a 10th person, who had been receiving treatment since the accident, had died at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

More than 30 people were injured in the accident.