DJFS to bring back two employees

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According to Fijalkowski, the hirings were made possible through additional funding from the Affordable Care Act expanded Medicaid program. She noted they case bank their 8,000 cases. The new employees will allow case workers to give added time and attention to their clients.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE During Tuesday's Belmont County commissioners meeting, Lisa Fijalkowski, DJFS interim director, was granted the authority to post two public assistance case manager positions resulting in the call back of two laid-off employees. Wage compensation shall be in accordance with the salary schedule as indicated in the current bargaining labor contracts.

"We hope to have them back by Christmas," she said, adding that the funding should be available for three years.

"We're always happy to put people back to work," said Commissioner Ginny Favede.

Commissioners approved hiring Michael H. Modra and Bill Rinderer as full-time maintenance employees for the Belmont County Buildings and Grounds Department at the rate of $9.23 per hour upon satisfactory background check.

Glen Gray was appointed to a part-time position in the classification of delivery worker (driver), effective Dec. 4 at the rate of $9 per hour.

In other matters, Richard Hord inquired about the possibility of a quarterly report from Senior Services. He also inquired about new sites for Senior Services. There are several options on the table. Hord also noted the vacant courthouse annex building off Route 331. Commissioners noted options, including costs of tearing it down.

Michael Bianconi also brought up a request for a fiscal report from DJFS.

Commissioners accepted a public road petition for the vacation of alleys in Boston located in Somerset Township, Section 20, Township 7, Range 6, and authorizes the clerk of the board to establish the required date and time for the viewing and hearing and proceeding with the notice of publication for the proposed vacation.

Commissioners entered into a roadway use maintenance agreement for drilling projects and infrastructure with Rice Drilling D, LLC for the use of 0.5 miles of Watertower Road for the purpose of ingress and egress for drilling activity at the Blue Thunder Well Pad.

Commissioners entered into a roadway use maintenance agreement for pipeline projects and infrastructure with Blue Racer Midstream, LLC for the use of 1.79 miles of Vineyard Road for the purpose of ingress and egress for pipeline activity at Richland A pipeline facilities.

Commissioners motioned to approve and sign an amendment to the agreement dated Feb. 21, 1956 and amended previously on Jan. 19, 2010 between Bridgeport Water Department and Sanitary Sewer District No. 1, to set the water rate at $2.50 per thousand gallons as of Nov. 1, 2013.

Commissioners approved and signed the annual copier maintenance agreements with MOS Office Systems on behalf of Senior Services of Belmont County for 12 copiers located at the Oakview Building and senior centers, effective Nov. 20, 2013 through Nov. 19, 2014; minimum annual maintenance per machine is $200. These are not new contracts. This re-establishes the contracts already in existence due to the transfer of Senior Services.

Commissioners approved and signed the Project Agreement for the Building Environmental Systems with H.E. Neuman in the amount of $5,456 for all labor and materials to replace the failed Heat Transfer Products boiler at the Martins Ferry DJFS Services Connections building. The boiler itself is covered under warranty.

Commissioners approved and signed the addendum to the subgrant agreement effective July 1, 2012-June 30, 2015 between the Workforce Initiative Association (grantee) and Ohio Area 16 Workforce Board-Administrative Entity Jefferson County CAC (subgrantee) to increase the total contract amount from $794,425 to $844,425. The cost for the Outside Evaluator required by the Department of Labor on Innovation Grants estimated by WIA Area 6 of Tuscarawas and Stark Counties in the original grant submission was higher than the actual cost. Therefore the balance of these previously obligated funds is being released to the WIA areas involved in the original BRN grant.

Commissioners approved reappointments to the Belmont County Enhanced 911 board effective Jan. 1, 2014-Dec. 31, 2017, including Greg Bizzarri, Township Trustees and Fiscal Officer Association; Sue Pelkowski, Belmont County Mayor's Association; Jack Regis Jr. fire chief; Glenn Moore, law enforcement; Patricia Phillips, Emergency Medical Service.

Commissioners also approved the signing and submittal of the 2013 Juvenile Accountability Block Grant application for upgraded camera system, guard tour kit for security checks, assault prevention training, and updates and repairs to the video court area on behalf of Belmont Harrison Juvenile District. Start date will be Jan. 1, 2014. End date will be Dec. 31, 2014. JABG funds total $10,000, with a cash match of $1,111.11, for a total project budget of $11,111.11. Cash match will come from the general fund.

Commissioners motioned to grant the request of the Belmont County Fire & Squad Officers Association for the allocation of $8,826 to purchase multi-community fire equipment. The project will benefit all fire departments in the county. Also, 50 percent will be repaid to the county through the ODNR 2013 Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant. This is a 50/50 matching reimbursement grant. Fire Departments must purchase the equipment prior to receiving reimbursement for 50 percent of the project.

Commissioners motioned to accept the resignation of Amanda Murray, assistant clerk/accounts payable, effective Dec. 16. She is going to work in the auditor's office.

Jaclynn Smolenak was reclassified from assistant clerk to assistant clerk/accounts payable effective Dec. 16 at the rate of $12.50 per hour.

Commissioners will advertise for the position of assistant clerk.

Commissioners will also hire Michael Kinter as a human resources manager as an intermittent employee at the rate of $25 per hour, effective Dec. 3. He will handle personnel issues and serve at the pleasure of the court.

Commissioners will meet this coming Tuesday at 9 a.m. for an executive session to interview prospective DJFS directors.

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