News Summary: Beaujolais vineyards aim for more

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Columbus CEO

POP THE CORKS: The wine world's best-known party is beginning — bars and wine shops the world over uncorked the first bottles of the 2013 Beaujolais Nouveau at midnight on Wednesday.

STRANGE BREW: Beaujolais Nouveau is everything a fine wine is not: young, poor in tannins and not suited to storage. Partially because new wines could never hope to stir the imagination the way great wines do, the makers of Beaujolais Nouveau resorted to what has become a hugely successful marketing campaign.

BETTER STUFF: Beaujolais' nouveau wines suffered problems with quality because of overproduction in the 1990s. After recommitting to quality, the region is now trying to work its marketing magic on its higher-end vineyards that make lesser-known yet finer wines.