News Summary: US to advise Puerto Rico on economy

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Columbus CEO

LINGERING RECESSION: The U.S. government is sending a team of federal officials to help Puerto Rico manage an economic crisis as the U.S. territory braces for its eighth year of recession.

HELP ON THE WAY: Officials from the departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development and the Environmental Protection Agency will travel to Puerto Rico starting in December to work on how best to maximize federal funds to help boost its economy. The officials will work in an advisory capacity, making sure federal money available to Puerto Rico is being taken advantage of and is being appropriately administered. No additional federal funds are planned beyond current allocations.

SIMILAR EFFORTS: The federal government routinely has conversations about similar initiatives with governors, mayors and county leaders across the U.S., including a current initiative called "Strong Cities, Strong Communities" in which federal teams work inside city halls to encourage economic growth.