Board of health approves security system

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On Wednesday, the Henry County Board of Health approved the purchase of a security system for the health department.

Health Commissioner Anne Goon explained a part of the department’s strategic plan was the safety and security of the building.

“We’ve increased the security in the building and we require employees to have their keys to access most parts of the building,” Goon said. “One of the concerns is how long the locks will hold up due to the constant use of the keys.”

Goon said the county has increased security at the courthouse, making it a single point of entry and staff must use their ID badges to gain access, and discussion had included changes at the entire Oakwood Office Complex. The health department’s proposed cost for the system is $9,003.33.

Christopher Badenhop of Vince’s Whirlwind Technologies explained the system, which has three main components - access control, panic buttons and cameras.

“This solution is actually county-wide, so all of the buildings are actually access controlled,” he said, adding it is also tied into the gas pump card systems. “So we can grant access to and from locations based on their rights.”

Badenhop noted the system records every swipe or the card, when the door is opened and even if the door is being held open for a specific period of time. Additional features include granting access to individual users for specific locations at certain times of the day, scheduling timed unlocks and a variety of options for visitors’ passes.

Changes for access rights flow through the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, and the system will be installed on five doors at the health department.

In case of a power outage, Badenhop said the door controller has a battery backup and the length of time it lasts depends on the number of doors it’s operating and how often it’s used.

“It’s only energized when it’s unlocked,” he explained. “When it’s in a locked state or in a fail-secure state, it sits quiet.”

The system will also include two security cameras which will record and store data at the sheriff’s office and nine panic buttons which, when pressed, will send an audible and visual alert to the dispatch center at the sheriff’s office. Badenhop noted this will run on the county network and not on a third party as was originally discussed.

“The advantage of this system is it stays all on the county network,” he said. “We’re not relying on a third-party source.”

He explained the original discussion was similar to a home security company, where the company is notified if there is an alarm set off and it then contacts law enforcement.

“This takes that middleman out, eliminates monthly service fees and also speeds up response because we don’t have those additional conversations going on,” Badenhop said.

In other matters, the board:

•Approved the renewal of Public Entities Pool of Ohio Liability Coverage in the amount of $11,728.

•Approved the second reading of the proposed food program fees for the 2014-15 licensing period. One person had attended the public hearing on the fees, but Environmental Health Director Jon Lindsay said they are new to the program and was curious how the process worked.

•Accepted the campground program survey report. Lindsay reported everything was found to be in compliance, although there were a couple of notes, including being more aware of reinspections as one was missed and one minor change in the fee categories. Lindsay noted the change does not affect any fees which have been paid, and that was approved by the board.

•Approved an immunization provider contract with Molina Healthcare of Ohio, Inc.

•Approved a memorandum of agreement with Fulton County Health Department for the 2014 Immunization Action Plan grant in the amount of $10,921, which is a 28 percent decrease from last year.

•Approved a software license agreement with PDD PL+S Software for $469 per month for Home Health and Hospice.

•Approved a contract with CHC Software, Inc. for currently modules of Health District Information System software in the amount of $3,100.12.

•Approved a paternity enhancement program service contract with Xerox State & Local Solutions, Inc. for $20 per affidavit. This is an agency used by all vital registrars in the state.

•Approved the promotion of Lisa Trent from Home Health and Hospice nurse to Hospice patient coordinator, effective Nov. 14. She fills the position vacated by Janelle Cline when she become the manager of Home Health and Hospice Services.

•Approved a Family Medical Leave Act request of Dianna Delventhal for Oct. 22 through Nov. 6.

•Approved the revision of board of health bylaws and approved the board of health meeting schedule for 2014. The meetings will continue to be held on the second Wednesday of each month at 12:30 p.m.

•Scheduled a Personnel/Finance/Audit Committee meeting for Monday, Dec. 15 at 5:15 p.m.

The next board meeting will be at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 11 at the Henry County Health Department.

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