JC's 5 Star Outlet store slated to close

Tim Feran, The Columbus Dispatch

October 1, 2013

JC's 5 Star Outlet - the former JCPenney Outlet Store - has announced it will close all 15 of its stores in 14 states, including its once-popular outlet store on the Far East Side.

Going-out-of-business sales will start Wednesday.

This is the second time that the stores have been slated to close. J.C. Penney said in January 2011 that it planned to get out of the catalog and outlet-store business and reorganize. In October 2011, the outlet stores were acquired by SB Capital Group, a company affiliated with the Schottenstein retail name.

The closing "was necessitated by the precipitous decline of sales," said Glen Gammons, CEO of JC's 5 Star Outlet and former head of the JCPenney Outlet Store Division, in a statement.

"After exploring all the alternatives, we could no longer incur the losses resulting from the continued operation of the outlet stores," he said.

The outlet store at 2361 Park Crescent Dr., was "a piece of Americana," in the words of one longtime customer and had attracted shoppers from central Ohio and beyond for decades.