First-time takers of GED test will not have to pay increase

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Columbus CEO

A recent change to the state budget guarantees that first-time takers of the General Education Development (GED) test will not have to pay a higher fee when the price increases in 2014, according to John Charlton of the Ohio Department of Education.

The new legislation states, “...up to $2 million in each fiscal year shall be used to pay career-technical planning districts for the amounts reimbursed to students” who will be taking the GED computer test for the first time.

According to Charlton, the aim is to offset any costs that exceed the current fee of $40.

Beginning next year, all tests will be taken on computers, and will be a newer, more challenging version. The computer-based exam is $120.

The last day to take the current test is Dec. 21 based on each test-center’s schedule, said Charlton.

Test prices are not set by the state, but rather by the GED national governing body, according to Charlton.