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June 2013 Edition

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Eric Garcetti takes over as Los Angeles mayor

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Eric Garcetti celebrated the start of his first term as mayor Sunday with a promise to do the basic things right while getting Los Angeles' economy rolling again.

Residential Rebound

Tenants are lining up for a crop of new high-priced Downtown apartments. But will the current rental boom fare better than the recent condo bust?

Q&A with Tom Katzenmeyer

The new president and CEO of the Greater Columbus Arts Council is looking to move the arts community forward

Gadgets: Pebble Smartwatch

Out of the box, the watch is comfortably light with a high-resolution e-paper face that can assume more than a dozen designs to display the time.

BYOD Beware

Employees' use of personal tech devices can be convenient and cost-effective. But there are risks employers need to mitigate.

Road to Recovery

For employees, light-duty assignments are a way to get back to work and recoup lost wages. For employers, the perks are both feel-good and financial.

Innovation Accelerator

Ohio State has launched a new effort to nurture and commercialize health-care research. The goal: enhancing both revenues and patient care.

Gadgets: Spend to Impress

Next time you're in Las Vegas to land that big deal or entertain a key client, consider Hyde nightclub at the Bellagio.

Downtown Living Comes Back to Life

There's no doubt Downtown is a far different place today than it was 10, or even five, years ago. It's that newfound vibrancy that developers aim to capitalize on with the current residential building boom. In contrast to the condo boom that went bust amid the Great Recession, a new trend has taken over: Downtown apartments.

Shattering the Ceiling

These five executive women discuss their careers, challenges and why the issue of gender lines is becoming a thing of the past.

Q&A with Alex Fischer

The president and CEO of the Columbus Partnership discusses the city's economic vitality, his leadership philosophy and how Les Wexner helped him strike a work-life balance.

Health Watch: Skin Cancer: Fighting Back

Mary Brennan enjoyed the outdoors in her youth, and she grew up in an era of blissful unawareness when it came to sun protection. As a result, she suffered several blistering burns when she was younger. Now in her 60s, Brennan is undoing the damage that countless hours of sun exposure left behind. She has had more than half a dozen surgeries to remove small skin cancer lesions.

Brennan certainly isn't alone. Not too many years ago, slathering on baby oil at poolside was commonplace,...

Gadgets: Sensus Smart Case

First came the touchscreen smartphone. This summer, expect touch technology to come to the smartphone case for the first time.

Entrepreneurial Edge

With several startups under his belt, Eric Corl aims to help other companies grow.

Death in the Digital Age

From email accounts to social media, online assets are something most people don't consider in their wills and other estate plans. But they should.

Brighter Days Ahead

Central Ohio's solar sector continues to grow, powered by new technology, consumer interest and a strong showing by related startups.

Big Data, Big Business

The region scored a key win with IBM's new analytics center. Now, the focus is on training workers and building on existing IT success.

Evening of Hope

Since the inaugural Evening of Hope took place a decade ago, the "casually elegant" fundraiser has raised more than $2 million aimed at stopping domestic violence.

WELD Keynote

The annual Keynote event for Women for Economic and Leadership Development

Voices of Columbus

An audience of 870 at Experience Columbus's annual meeting heard about new initiatives…

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