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April 2013 Edition

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Marrying Medicine with Art

Most film buffs and fans of popular literature are familiar with illness narratives-storylines that follow a central character through health-care challenges. But few patients consider how such stories affect medical care.

Ohio State University humanities scholars have teamed with the College of Medicine to explore the intersection of art and medical science for the multidisciplinary conference Narrative Medicine in the 21st Century and...

Masters of Business

As more working professionals pursue an MBA to advance their careers, local colleges and universities are bolstering their curricula and ties to the corporate world.

Zanesville Scores a Soccer Team

Located 55 miles east of Columbus, Zanesville was the onetime seat of Ohio government and is still known for the rich clay that made it the heart of the state's pottery industry. If soccer coach Josh Stocker has his way, the city also will soon be known for its semi-pro soccer team.

Stocker is the owner and president of the Zanesville Athletic Football Club, a new addition to the 62-team National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). "I'm looking to build a...

Top Lawyers

Looking for legal advice? Central Ohio has many knowledgeable attorneys, specializing in a wide variety of practice areas.

Shortened Statute

Plaintiffs now have eight years instead of 15 to file breach of written contract suits. Most companies should save money and cut their exposure.

Shattering the Ceiling

Local business leaders have an ambitious plan to help more women climb the corporate ladder. Supporters want to get the entire community on board to Widen the Circle and put more female execs in leadership roles.

Selling Soccer

The Columbus Crew and MLS have a three-year plan to sell more season tickets and land jersey and stadium naming rights. With two goals to go, the clock is ticking.

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