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January 2013 Edition

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Courting Customers

From flexible meeting spaces to healthful menu options, local venues aim to stay on top of event planning trends.


Local agents expect the residential real estate market will build on 2012 gains.

The Economy

Central Ohio market watchers fear a grim 2013. At best, they project modest growth.

Tech Talk

For many small tech firms, hiring an attorney simply isn’t in the budget. Faced with the choice of paying upwards of $200 an hour for legal advice or paying the electric bill, the power company almost always wins.

Local law firm Carlile Patchen & Murphy aims to fill the advice void with a beta launch of Tech2Market, a nonprofit knowledge-sharing institute. Starting in January, the online forum will present basic business strategies in a...

Small Biz Hookup

These days, there’s a social network for almost everything. Two local entrepreneurs are hoping small business owners will have room to bookmark one more.

Partners David Hunegnaw and Brooke Paul designed AboutOurWork, an online B2B site, to reinvent small business networking. “Those connections are a rarity on [existing] social networks,” says Hunegnaw. “We think the sweet spot for AboutOurWork is the small business owner with 10 or fewer...

Rule Reversal

Rarely does the Ohio Supreme Court reconsider its decisions, but the state’s high-court judges did just that when an earlier ruling over noncompete agreements threatened to upend a contract-law precedent. In reconsideration of Acordia of Ohio v. Fishel, the court reaffirmed that successor companies can enforce noncompetes as if they had “stepped into the shoes of the contracting company.”

The court’s initial ruling in May 2012 would...

Getting Healthy

Everyone knows they should eat right and exercise. Sometimes, it’s hard to meet those goals—especially for busy organizational leaders.

Small Business

New funding opportunities and relaxed lending standards are expected to buoy local entrepreneurs.


The new head of the state’s economic development organization aims to ramp up business growth.

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