I am urging voters to support the candidacy of Oliver Warren for Wooster City Council.

I had the privilege of teaching Mr. Warren and have known him to be a committed and concerned citizen of Wooster. He attended and graduated from both Wooster City Schools and The College of Wooster and, upon graduation, began his teaching career in Wooster. He grew up in the south end of Wooster, so he well knows the beauty of the community, as well as the community’s issues and struggles. He knows nearly half of Wooster’s school youth are on free and reduced lunches; he sees the 18% poverty rate in Wooster and knows there are families sitting a paycheck or two above that poverty line as well.

Mr. Warren knows that is an issue that must be addressed, just as much as there is a need to continue to seek companies that bring jobs that pay well and continued development to the community. Mr. Warren knows there must be a commitment to assist and lift those in need to further lift the community and make it one to embrace all.

That is of particular concern for our community’s youth. Wooster’s schools too often are dealing not only with providing our youth with an education, but dealing with hunger, mental health concerns, violence, clean clothes and even, as much as we hate to admit it, children who are often couch surfing at night or homeless.

Mr. Warren will bring a commitment to help address the needs for all of Wooster. A vote for Mr. Warren will be a step toward social justice and a focus on making the two Wooster’s one.

Brian Questel