On Nov. 5, the Triway community has an opportunity to reshape the educational future of our school district. On the ballot will be a 1% earned income tax credit that will enable the construction of a new Pre-K through 12th grade campus.

I believe that the earned income tax is the fairest way to pay for this project. Seniors, who have already given so much to our community will not have to pay the tax, and neither will farmers in our district who normally have to shoulder the burden if this were a traditional property tax levy.

Our aging buildings simply cannot continue to meet the needs that today’s education and safety demands. With some of our facilities approaching 100 years old, we continue to take dollars better spent in the classroom on Band-Aids fixing items over and over to keep these inefficient buildings operating.

The state has committed to paying 32% of the base cost if we pass this project now. If we don’t, the percentage they are willing to fund will continue to go down. Meanwhile, our buildings will continue to deteriorate and we will keep wasting money on temporary fixes. Now is the time to act! Vote yes for our children’s future.

John Giltner