The United States, being a representative government, our elected representatives act in our name. It is thus dismaying to see our border guards, our own agents separating mothers and children in the name of the law (our law). Merely blaming the border guards, or the higher-ups directing them, is too easy. These border guards as well as their superiors, represent us. Therefore, willy nilly, we are involved in these actions.

Throughout the world there are exquisite evils beyond our reach. But I'd hope that our country would at least strive to be a moral example in the face of such evils. Many of our greatest forbearers have thought so. I doubt if Abraham Lincoln would have hesitated here.

We know that this will be no easy job, probably rebutting "experts" opinion. But as St. Augustine ("City of God") reminds us, good and evil are not polar opposites, they are mixed together in all of us as citizens, border guards, officials, everyone. And since we all share a common human nature, what our representatives on whatever level do, we do. But we are not helpless here. While our representatives must share our good and evil mix, they are most of them decent people. Let us urge them, however we can, to stop this evil, done at least in part, in our name.

David Moldstad