Barnesville High School recently added a new asset to their staff. Jennifer Harper, the newly-hired finance and marketing teacher, is currently on her 20th year of teaching. She previously taught at Zanesville High School, Cambridge High School, Newcomerstown High School, and the Mid-East Career Center in Zanesville, Ohio. Harper retired from the career center in 2011. She graduated from Ohio University in 1996, where she majored in Comprehensive Business Education.

Harper has eight siblings, three children, and three grandchildren. She graduated from Athens High School in 1982, where she participated in softball and the marching band. While taking a portfolio development class at Ohio University, she realized that she wanted to pursue a career in teaching. Harper told us that her most memorable moment teaching was when 9/11 occurred. She said that the lesson it brought and the student reactions are something she won’t forget. She hopes that her students will leave her class with the most relevant and up-to-date content to prepare for their futures.

In her free time, Harper enjoys taking her daughter and her daughter’s friends to boy band concerts and Instacart shopping. Her favorite food is Chipotle, and she told us that she’s very excited that there is one coming to Cambridge. She enjoys watching Shark Tank and listening to rock music. Her favorite rock artists are Rod Stewart and Metallica. She also said that her favorite season is spring. We are glad that Harper is here with us, and we believe that she will fit in very well.