It’s that time of year again. Excited kids looking forward to trick or treating, wearing their new costumes, and eating all kinds of candy. However, amongst all the fun, it’s important to remember the dangers that come with trick or treating. When you go trick or treating, you should never go alone. Make sure to go with an adult or a trusted friend of a(n) reasonable age. Always, look both ways when crossing the road. Incorporate some type of reflective gear into your costume or possibly whatever you’re carrying your candy in. It helps to carry a reflective bag or bucket. Keep a flashlight with you. There is a specific time when trick or treat is supposed to end, but you may make it back later than you expected. This is one instance that you can take candy from a stranger. However, when you get home, you might want to check for opened candy and anything that looks suspicious. Be safe, have fun, and happy Halloween!