Highlights from the Oct. 28 meeting of the Malvern Board of Education.

• Approve donation of $100 from William and Janet Wolfe for CARE Team.

• Approved the following classified position: Angela Brabant paraprofessional, Shane Trussell, custodian.

• Approved tuition reimbursement for the following certified personnel: Jessica Simms, Darren Ware and Jamie Wenger.

• Approved the following additional time for In-Service Day on Oct. 14 per hourly rate:

Chester Ashton, Tim Klotz, Nancy Bardine, Jeff Lambert, Angela Brabant, Tawnya McMullen, Erna Brace, Matthew Morena, Kathy Clapper, Kimberly Pearson, Rebecca Ford, Bessie Stanojevic, JoAnn Gotchall, Jodi Watson, Toni Haidet, Lori Wheeler, and Barb Hoffman.

• Approved the following supplemental contracts: Brooke Marinucci, middle school Power of the Pen; Jamie Wenger HER Club; and Heather Zuniga, Math Club.

• Approved the following certified personnel for continuing contracts: Lance Gram, Katie Spencer and Karli Virtue.

• Approved the following Family Medical Leave: Thomas Betsa, Sept. 23 - Nov. 1.

• Approved the following classified substitutes: Jennifer Bossert and Melanie Stuthers.

• Paid bills totaling $467,845.35.