Robbie K. Gillette to Karl Schneider Jr., 751 McRoberts, $176,500

Ruth J. Wall (TOD) to Michael W. Galletti and Jaclyn E. Edwards, 1200 Riley Road, $175,343

Antonio J. Munoz and Lilian S. Valentim to Peter Roth and Jennifer M. Ollis Roth, 672 Cross Creek Lane, $450,000

Donald J. and Joann Fariello to Michael Habbyshaw, 134 N. Park Drive, $289,000


Ashish K. and Manisha Sharma to Melanie A. Miller, 4955 Brower Tree Lane, $372,000

Pingora Loan Servicing LLC to Todd Christopher and Toni Jean Francis, 4242 Pembroke Drive, $192,500


John M. and Karen L. Burkey to Shelana Perry, 5656 Horning Road, $238,000

Crystal Lattimer and Ryan Moore to Tyler J. Woods, 2070 Cypress Ave., $82,000


Gerald Homer (trustee) to Daniel T. and Sally L. Butler, 319 Bowman Drive, $149,900

Alonzo W. Jr. and Noel C. Webb to Michael Thomas and Erin Elizabeth Levicky, 1560 Vine St., $167,000

Julie L. Globokar to Robert W. and Janice C. Egdell, 1106 Jessie Ave., $166,900

Kathryn C. Smith to Jill S. Weakland, 626 Ada St., $146,000

Jeannine R. Howland (trustee) to Christine R. and Jennifer A. DeLuke, 1042 Meredith St., $73,000

Zach and Natalie Podojil to Abigail L. Chase, 501 Spaulding Drive, $146,000

Joseph C. and Robin D. Elerick to Terry Vaughn, 993 Edgewater Circle, $225,000


Richard J. Heil Sr. to Anthony Trianfante, 2666 Winchell Road, $175,500


Dennis W. Rummel to Erica W. Pelz and Kimberly A. Ambrose, 604 Diamond St., $120,000

Daniel C. Collin to Ty and Cara Cheraso, 714 N. Chestnut St., $131,000

Cary Lee II and Patricia Ann Dennison, 348 Walnut St., $110,000

William J. and Jame M. Ladd to Kyle P. and Betsy Reese, 212 King St., $99,900


January Developments to Rebecca J. Young and Heather A. Norman, 5459 Winding Creek Drive, $225,000

Steven and Sara Crudup to John Hunter and Delaina Sue Fontello, 4143 Timber Run, $213,000


Kerry L. Kocevar to Sarah E. Braessler, 3770 Sanford Road, $195,000

Rodney R. Scott to Jonathon W. Heil, 4820 Camp Road, $193,000


Carol Giulitto to Joseph and Tanya Sams, 10319 Wentworth Road, $100,000


Randall D. Yoder (trustee) to Robert V. and Nancy C. Vickers, 9511 Lido Lane, $150,000

Thomas A. Wild Sr. to Joshua H. Corbett and Maryjane Wild, 1740 Manor Drive, $144,705


Jonathan C. and Brenna L. Raddish to Linsey E. and Sarah Miller, 2076 Creeks Crossing Trail, $282,000

Rebecca Mae Slepoy to Nathan A. and Ashley L. Grimes, 1447 Whitehall Drive, $145,000

Kari Mollohan to Jared B. Umstot, 1085 Etter Road, $146,000

Mejdi Hajdari to Kenneth and Sara Lackey, 1212 Martin Road, $234,000

Joseph F. Molnar to Robert W. Sr. and Katherine M. Falconbery, 214 Waterloo Road, $154,900


Randall and Brenda Slusher to Ryan P. and Melanie N. Miller, 9124 Linden Circle, $84,900

Cecil J. and Patricia A. Moore to Rosemary J. Batton, 9841 Green Drive, $72,500