Cleveland-based Progressive Corp. has signed on with Bold Penguin.

Columbus-based insurtech startup Bold Penguin has announced it's snagged Cleveland-based Progressive Corp. as a client, growing the roster of A-list P&C insurers it's helping improve the time it takes to generate quotes and sell policies in the commercial insurance space.

“Commercial insurance can be a time-consuming and inefficient experience for all parties involved. We are pleased to work with Progressive, which continues to be a forward-thinking force in the industry,” said Ilya Bodner, Bold Penguin CEO, in a release. His company powers the interface Progressive agents, brokers and potential customers use to share information and close sales.

"We built a fully programmable stack that is used to power Progressive’s .com storefronts, their agent-facing portals, and other native systems,” Ben Clarke, Bold Penguin’s co-founder and CTO, in the release.

Since the company's 2016 founding, Bodner and Clarke have built a team of nearly 100 employees working to simplify commercial insurance sales while keeping the human element, agents, intact. The company expects to double employment in 2019. Bold Penguin, which Columbus CEO profiled in April, counts some of the largest insurance companies in the United States as clients.