Speedwell and Yarrow is one of just 10 startups in the U.S. to be chosen for the virtual program.

A Columbus company that's testing a service to help busy professionals celebrate the most special moments in life has been chosen for the next class of Techstars Anywhere.

Speedwell & Yarrow is one of just 10 companies in the United States, and the only one in Ohio, to participate in the accelerator that kicks off this week. It's likely more than 1,000 applied, said co-founder Ashley Lambrix.

"Fewer than 1 percent of the companies who created an application were accepted into the program. We’re really honored to be a part of it and we're looking forward to getting things started," Lambrix said.

The former management consultant and senior strategy adviser for OhioHealth and co-founder Lindsey Michaelides worked together at the central Ohio health system until earlier this year, when they quit their jobs with the intention of starting a company.

Speedwell & Yarrow, named after the two plants said to grow well together, is testing its service with multiple central Ohio companies the founders aren't yet naming. It's pitched as a benefit for executives who want to, say, plan fabulous birthday parties or incredible date nights for loved ones but don't have the time to sift through websites researching the perfect gift or play phone tag with venues.

The human touch is crucial to the service, but technology is its backbone, Lambrix said. Speedwell & Yarrow sends reminders about important dates, prompting the user to set a plan in motion, and it learns about family members as it goes, sharpening its ability to predict what a user might be interested in.

Techstars Anywhere connects startup founders with resources including advice and helps them hone their ideas and build solid business models. It's the virtual version of the Boulder, Colorado-based Techstars accelerator program that's hosted in various cities.

The Anywhere program runs for three months. Participating companies receive $20,000 in exchange for equity plus a $100,000 convertible note that's treated like a loan until the company raises additional funds, at which time the note becomes additional equity for Techstars.

"Our plans for the business are really focused on growing our reach and the number of end users and employer customers we can serve," Lambrix said. "We'll continue to develop and advance our technology, and part of that will involve growing our team."