Early voting is getting under way. For those voters in the 95th House District, which includes Carroll, Harrison and Noble counties, as well as portions of Belmont and Washington counties, I thank you for having given me the privilege of serving you.

Thanks to term limits, I cannot continue to serve you in the legislature, and there is a campaign by two candidates to succeed me. I’m endorsing Don Jones as the best candidate to do so. Don’s knowledge of the issues is superior, and his maturity and experience don’t permit him to make wild promises that he’ll be unable to keep.

Don Jones is not a child of privilege, groomed from birth for a political career like his opponent; he was raised on a farm and has fought (or in some cases wrestled) his way to where he is today. He has a tremendous work ethic, having taught Ag for 23 years at Harrison Central High School; coached FFA students to success at the state level; been a small business owner since his high school days; served as an EMT for his local volunteer fire department; and having mastered soil and water issues and CAUV property assessments.

Don Jones has seen it all, from the detrimental effects of Common Core in the classroom, to the heavy hand of government regulation and taxation in the workplace. He has a small businessman’s perspective; he knows that budgets must be balanced, and that sometimes you have to say no to spending increases when the dollars aren’t there. He is the best choice to maximize the economic opportunities we have in the shale play, and has been endorsed by advocates for Ohio’s job creators, including the National Federation of Independent Business.

Please choose wisely on Nov. 6, or whenever you vote: Choose Don Jones for State Representative.


Andy Thompson

Ohio House of Representatives