Members of the AMG Vanadium team gathered Tuesday, Sept. 11, to honor our nation’s veterans and pay tribute to the victims, families and survivors of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. During this ceremony, AMG V also dedicated a new set of flag poles at the Company’s entrance which proudly fly the American, Ohio and AMG company flags. Participating in the ceremony were the Guernsey County Veterans Association Honor Guard, the Cambridge Cordial Chorus, and Company employees, including veterans Jody Singler, Sam Gulick and Sean Cox.

AMG Vanadium President, Hoy E. Frakes, Jr., said, "Today, we honor and recognize our veterans who have proudly served our country for decades to protect and preserve the freedoms that we all enjoy today. We also pause to honor our American flag that serves as an iconic symbol of those freedoms and our great country."

Thomas (Tom) L. Centa, AMG Vanadium’s executive vice president, added, "It is with great respect that we pay tribute to our country’s veterans and the victims and heroes of the tragic September 11 events that occurred 17 years ago. We thought it was a particularly poignant time to do so as we dedicated our new flag poles that mark the entrance to our manufacturing facility."