Sixteen members of the Twentieth Century Club of Garrettsville met at the home of Iva Walker on Aug. 16 for their annual summer get-together as a preface to the opening of the 2018-19 club year. All were reminded that the first official meeting will be held on Sept. 20 at the home of Jane Hill, program committee chair, when program booklets will be distributed and the plans for the year will be revealed … sort of. This will be a pot-luck affair and is "always a fine send-off into adventure."

Attendees were served summer-style refreshments of cake and ice cream, with accompanying hot fudge, butterscotch or peach topping; lemonade was the cooling beverage provided.

The not-so-urgent business of catching up on activities over the summer included talk of weddings and rings, wild animals encountered, travel, school food, food in general, college classes —remembered and those of children and grandchildren, health issues and a cantilevered cake as well as grass and other vegetation found in various pieces of lingerie.