I have been staring at a blank screen for hours....I guess for once I have nothing to share.... nothing to reflect on... but that's not right... that just isn't me. It has felt this way all week. Hundreds of things are dancing on my to do list but none of them will get in line. All week I have felt the urgency that something.... lots of somethings need to get done.... yet I haven't felt even an ounce of accomplishment. Finally it hit me.... my stress box is full.

My stress box is something I often joke about ''sorry no room in my stress box for that drama!'' but I have come to realize that it is actually something that I rely heavily on. It is how I manage to be mom, wife, cook, friend, police, doctor, farmer (the list could go on forever) all at the same instant. There are times when it feels like my body is made up of hundreds of rubberbands and each one is attached to someone or something that needs me. For the most part I handle the constant pull pretty well.... as a mom it is just something you get used to. But occasionally when all the bands snap at once, that's when it is time to step back and reevaluate the contents of the box. You have to decide what things are taking up room that could be thrown away.

Life will ALWAYS be stressful... at a least any life worth living. The best moments in life are the ones that you fought the hardest to accomplish. The only way to survive whatever challenges your life might carry be it parenting, college, or career is being willing to occasionally take a time out and step back from all the to do lists. Ask yourself what matters most to you.... what are your dreams.... what things are most important. No matter where you are in life right now you are on a path.

While the path may twist and turn.... maybe even come upon a few dead ends.... it never truly ends. You will always have a journey. We all need a stress box.... so we have somewhere to file our worries... our problems.... our to do lists. The key is to keep removing things you can't change or you can't control....you have to let go of yesterday's stresses so you are prepared for tomorrow's challenges.