Baughman Township — William N. and Goldie I. Everett to Gary L. and Melita H. Moir, Dalton Fox Lake Road, $130,119.

Danielle L. Love to Barrett J. Singer, 14949 Burton City Road, $55,000.

Dennis L. and Sally L. Curtis to Randall L. and Christina K. Kaserman, 16284 Burkhart Road, $36,000.

Canaan Township — Robert G. and Gail Ricksecker to Dane A. and Ashley A. Goddard, 8825 Ridge Road, $316,000.

George and Marleen J. Ely to Michael Scale and Carrie Arnold, Sterling Road, $35,000.

Doylestown — Galeheights Development Co. Inc. to James E. and Lynn C. Laughner, 551 Creek Side Trail, $92,000.

Clinton Township — Clayton E. and Donnamarie P. Hager to Stauffer Land Holding, 423 S. Market St., $25,000.

Congress Township — Philip J. Zultner to Anthony Aicone, 8361 Rainbow Highway, $149,000.

Edward and Donna Gabler to Paul C. and Rachel L. Mickolick, 5888 W. Britton Road, $337,000.

East Union Township — Richard J. and Rae Ann Dye to Darlene Raff, 1523 Barnard Road, $150,000.

Franklin Township — David R. Barkman, etal. to Nelson and Marlene Miller, Honeytown Road, $181,704.

Steven D. Scott to Carolyn Shoup, 2442 Pleasant Ridge Road, $150,000.

Lester T. and Linda T. Hostetler to Eli R. and Leanna Nisley, 7785 Hoy Road, $180,000.

Orrville — Mast Lepley Silo Inc. to James D. and Kayla Lanham, Apple Blossom Lane, $18,500.

David and Connie A. Maletich to City of Orrville, 217 Vine St., $89,500.

Ronald E. and Louella J. Birkbeck to Sommer and Swartzentruber Contractors Inc., Heron Drive, $30,000.

Milton Township — Andrew F. Walker to Joseph L. Pittman, 10030 Sterling Road, $85,000.

Paint Township — David R. and Kelly Troyer, etal. to David R. and Kelly Troyer, 16718 Dover Road Rear, $150,000.

Plain Township — Bryan E. Yoss to Nicholas O. Coppola and Kaylee R. Becker, 1016 N. Smyser Road, $148,500.

Rittman — Clint Allan English to Bobby E. Yost, 145 Wright St., $12,000.

Salt Creek Township — Carolyn M. Shoup to Ret Holdings LLC, 10560 Dover Road, $247,540.

Martha J. Weaver aka Martha Jane, trustee to Merlin Ray and Ina I. Yoder, 8365 Harrison Road, $310,000.

Douglas K. Green to Lucas C. and Monica R. Martin, 325 Henry St., $169,900.

Sugar Creek Township — David A. Joyal to Lucas J. and Marlowe E. Daugherty, 417 W. Schultz Ave., $142,000.

Wayne Township — Arnell Wiley to Glen M. and Stephanie A. Adams, 1128 Fox Lake Road, $10,000.

JC5 Properties LLC to SLN Properties LLC, W. Highland Ave., $125,000.

Wooster — Leah A. Rogers to Daniel L. and Jody L. Walter, 808 Leann St., $138,000.

The DC Curry Lumber Co. to LLR Development LLC, 331 W. Henry St., $750,000.

Michael E. and Lori L. Sigler to Kathleen Ann Moritz, 315 S. Grant St., $55,000.

Iris D. Kestner to William H. and Jenelle S. Kick, 805 E. Henry St., $52,500.

Patricia Ann Carr to Douglas K. Green, 645 Ridgewood Drive, $125,000.

Esther L. Moses to Richard J. and Rae A. Dye, 3377 Bayberry Cove, $155,000.

Ashwin and Gloria E. Chopra to Zachery M. Pyers, 2945 Taylor Ave., $131,000.

Wesley R. and Bethany L. Miller to Garrett J. McMahill, 2021 Cleveland Road, $148,500.

Brent E. and Lisa A. Miller to Clinton A. and Alicia Sanders, 1839 Burbank Road, $112,000.

Buckeye Corrugated Inc. to LCN BCI Wooster Multi LLC, 3350 Long Road, $13,665,289.

David W. Zacour, trustee and David W. Zacour, trustee to James A. Whittlesey and Sandra A., co-trustees, 4601 Deer Creek Drive, $143,000.

Margaret H. Thomas to Michael E. and Beth A. Miller, 1045 Quinby Ave., $150,000.

Darryl L. Schar to Timothy Enterprises LLC, Young Drive, $35,000.

Crooked Creek Development Company LLC to Weaver Custom Homes Inc., 5044 Settlers Trace, $38,000.