The Board of Directors of the Cambridge/Guernsey County Visitors & Convention Bureau has released data detailing the economic impact of tourism in Cambridge/Guernsey County for 2017. This information is a result of an integrated consumer based research study organized by TourismOhio and conducted by Tourism Economic - An Oxford Economics Company.

The Cambridge/Guernsey County VCB is one of 61 county/city convention and visitors bureaus, cities and economic development boards that took part in the study.

"Tourism is an integral and driving component of our local and state economy. Visitor spending and employment figures are essential factors to consider when evaluating the importance of travel and tourism," Debbie Robinson, Cambridge/Guernsey County VCB executive director, said. "By shaping the quality of our lives, leisure destinations play an important role in creating our climate for business. The indirect benefits that result from this important industry span across various industries including transportation, recreation, retail, lodging, and food and beverage."

According to the report, Cambridge/Guernsey County’s tourism industry contributed more than $21.3 million in local taxes; generated $160.9 million in sales for local businesses; and sustained more than 1,597 local jobs (9.2% of private employment) in 2017.

For the State of Ohio:

Visitor spending of $35 billion generated $44 billion in sales for Ohio businesses.

More than 428,000 jobs were sustained by visitors to Ohio in 2017

Tourism visits to and within Ohio increased from 212 million in 2016 to 219 million visits in 2017 – a new record! Of those 219 million visits last year, 43 million were overnight trips.

"Our Ohio. Find It Here. brand encourages visitors to make emotional connections with family and friends while exploring the state, and this campaign is truly resonating with travelers," said Matt MacLaren, director of TourismOhio. "We are seeing more people take advantage of Ohio’s distinct experiences and spending more when they visit. TourismOhio will continue to work with our industry partners to complement their marketing efforts and amplify the Ohio. Find It Here. brand."

Tourism Economics conducted research for the study on behalf of TourismOhio which uses the data to track industry performance and monitor visitor trends.

Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company, is one of the world’s leading providers of economic analysis, forecasts and consulting advice. Founded in 1981 as a joint venture with Oxford University’s business college, Oxford Economics enjoys a reputation for high quality, quantitative analysis and evidence-based advice. For this, it draws on its own staff of more than 200 professional economists; a dedicated data analysis team; global modeling tools, and a range of partner institutions in Europe, the US and in the United Nations Project Link.

For more information, contact the Cambridge/Guernsey County Visitors & Convention Bureau office at 627 Wheeling Ave., Suite 200 in downtown Cambridge; call 740-432-2022; email; or log onto