MAY 15, 1958

Twenty-seven tons of dirt and debris has been cleaned off city streets by a special cleaning machine, said Service Director Van Beach.

MAY 15, 1968

Larry Miller is named superintendent of the East Muskingum School District.

MAY 15, 1978

Mrs. Ray (Estella) Carlisle has been named Mother of the Year by the Eagles.

MAY 15, 1988

Twenty-seven piano students of William and Barbara Hines, Caldwell, performed recently in the Young Musician Auditions sponsored by the Thursday Music Club.

MAY 15, 1998

Firefighter Bob Feyko and Cambridge Kiwanis President Don Gibson show Shelby and Brian Doane the "child finder decal" available to parents for placement on the windows of their children's bedrooms. A Kiwanis Club donation enabled firefighters to purchase 1,000 decals.

MAY 15, 2008

Executive Director Joyce Lannum announced the cast for the Deersville Community Players' summer musical "Annie." Cast in the title role is Abby Dodds of Cadiz. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Dodds of Old Hopedale Road.