A recent gathering of participants for the Dicken’s events was held to inform those present of the success of last year’s events and the prospects for this year.

It soon became evident that an undertaking such as this could only be accomplished with an army of volunteers.

No paid organization could do what this willing group did! Many demands were placed on individuals to chair different venues, a task they did well, with flexible time tables and events.

Few can be singled out, as the whole community did something — willingly. Any call for assistance produced an army of professional assistance. Each smile on the street was a "sales person." An effort like this, by so many, has turned this town into a ‘home town.’ A town noticed by many and enjoyed by all!

This talented work force will be back again this year. They could use a little help, if you would like to be a part of this worthwhile endeavor.

N. D. Zimmerman