The Newcomerstown Leo Club works together to organize service and volunteer projects for the community. Affiliated with the Newcomerstown Lion's Club, the Leo Club is open to all students who seek an opportunity to participate in community service.

Brea Garretson said about her experiences, "I have learned to value the opportunity and ability to serve. Serving has become a passion and a privilege that I enjoy doing out of a desire to improve the quality of lives around me. This club also allows me to be a lighthouse for God; by serving others, I am serving Him."

Hunter Porcher said, "Being a Leo has given me a different outlook on life and has made me realize how special things are in life."

Officers are Brea Garretson, president; Caitlin Durr, vice president; Austin Gano, secretary; Kaden Shepherd and Hunter Porcher, treasurers.

Activities by the Leo Club in the past have included:

- Held a car wash to benefit the West Virginia flood victims, then they went to West Virginia to clean a church and parsonage that had been under water from the flood.

-Thanksgiving Dinner at the Newcomerstown Senior Center

-Hat and Glove drive to donate to Newcomerstown Elementary School students

-Held a fundraiser so they could donate money to our local Humane Society in honor of Dean Taylor, a neighbor of our local school who, tragically, lost his life in an explosion.

- Participated in the 2017 Bowl For Kids’ Sake at Cy Young Lanes, Newcomerstown

- Planted flowers at Cy Young Park

- Delivered roses for our local Lions Club in Newcomerstown.

- Served at Christ’s Kitchen at Christ United Methodist Church in Newcomerstown.

-Easter Egg Hunt at East Elementary School

-Bake sale for the Jason Dallacheisa Family

-Hosted a Community Cleanup Day

- Hat and Glove drive to donate to Newcomerstown Elementary School students.

-Holiday Dinner at the Newcomerstown Senior Center.

-They do bake sales to benefit local families dealing with tragedies.