Company culture should not be overlooked, especially the "giving back" component.

What’s the one thing most Columbus businesses are known for? Doing good deeds. Many companies in central Ohio live up to this reputation by implementing corporate giving or match programs as a way to give back to the community. While corporate giving is a billion dollar industry that strengthens local nonprofits, businesses need more than just a dollar sign to make real impact—they need show up and volunteer. Company volunteer programs not only help the community at large, but they also are better for business and improving culture. Here’s why.

It’s What Your Employees Want

The success of a great company comes from listening to its employees and effectively addressing their needs. According to an America’s Charities survey, 82 percent of employees want to volunteer with their coworkers at a company-supported event. A PWC report also revealed that 59 percent of millennials gravitated more towards companies with distinct corporate social responsibility programs. The data is in and the stats are clear: Employees and future employees want to work for organizations that are involved in improving their local community. Providing this opportunity for your employees gives them a social outlet to build relationships with team members, as well as fulfill their needs of civic responsibility. In today’s workforce, culture can be a deal breaker. Listen to what your employees want to be involved in and execute accordingly.

Volunteering Reduces Turnover

On average in 2016, businesses experienced an 18 percent employee turnover rate coupled with 51 percent of employees feeling disengaged in the workplace according to Benchmark Pro and Gallup reports. It’s not surprising that hiring new employees to fill these spots can cost the company both unnecessary time and money. By instilling a corporate volunteer program, companies can give their teams an outlet to feel involved with the company and provide an additional source of meaningful work. Engaging employees through volunteerism can lead to increases in productivity, overall mood and lower stress levels as stated in a UnitedHealth Group study. Volunteering in the community is a low cost way to retain and engage your employees.

Network for Good

Partnering and connecting with local charities not only helps internally, but it also helps businesses externally. Showing up in the community helps generate awareness about the company and provides a true testament to the values the company aligns with. Volunteer programs provide a platform for increasing visibility, making connections, and building a strong company reputation.

It’s undeniable the positive impact that businesses make in Columbus, and there are a plethora of local nonprofits that are doing good things for the community. You don’t have to search far to find volunteer opportunities and programs with a charity that aligns with your company’s values. By implementing a corporate volunteer program, big or small, we can exceed expectations for Columbus by showing up and fostering great work.

Andrew P. Schabo is an attorney for Kisling, Nestico and Redick’s Columbus office. Kisling, Nestico & Redick provides sophisticated injury law representation to clients throughout Ohio. The firm has gained a reputation as one of the state’s leading personal injury firms due to a combination of personal service, inside knowledge of the insurance industry, and extensive legal experience. Founded in 2005, the firm has 10 locations and features more than 30 lawyers and nearly 100 support staff dedicated to seeking justice for victims injured in accidents.