This story first appeared in the Fall/Winter 2019-20 issue of Columbus Monthly Home & Garden. 





7010 Lambton Park Rd., New Albany

LJHB LLC from Langdale, Richard S. & Paige


1981 Tremont Rd., Upper Arlington

Clark, That There Is An RV LLC from Saunders, Alexee Allen, trustee


4721 Yantis Dr., New Albany

Mehas, Carol & John from Kelly, Mark & McDonald, Margaret


3950 Ebrington Rd., New Albany

3JS Real Estate Holding Co. LLC from Tuckerman Development Co.


1994 Wingate Dr., Delaware

Cassano, Matthew P., trustee, from RIBICON 22 LLC


242 Beck St., Columbus

DAP-1966 LLC from Angell, Larry C. II & 
Julie A.


2186 Yorkshire Rd., Upper Arlington

Raven Hampshire Farms LLC from Horton, Sheryl A.


8140 Tillinghast Dr., Dublin

Morrison, Eric & Jeannette Berner from Thomas, Larry E.


7630 Silver Lake Ct., Westerville

Baker, Gary B. & Leighanne G. from Swartz, John M. & Helen C.


1971 Cambridge Blvd., 
Upper Arlington

Adkinson, Christopher & Anneliese from Pierce, Michael A. & Karla J.


2227 Tremont Rd., Upper Arlington

Straka, Daniel G. & Brittany T. from Thorson, Kelley K. & James R. Jr.


7648 Silver Lake Ct., Westerville

Wright, Robert D. & Stacy L. from Slane, Eleanor O. & Julie A.


4191 Clairmont Rd., Upper Arlington

Hecker, Dennis A. & Cathy L. from Whalen, Nicholas E. & Amelia C.


385 Larkspur Dr., Galloway

Powell, Richard Mark & Dawn Marie from Hudson, George E., trustee, & Hudson, Anne B.


267 N. Parkview Ave., Bexley

Merchant, Frederick Jr. & Sherrie L. from Kass, Franklin E. & Linda S.


6996 Corazon Dr., Dublin

Vespoli, Leila L & Anthony J. from Gardner, Russell W.


81 N. Drexel Ave., Bexley

Sadler, Douglas S. & Good, James Daniel from Hinson, Cherie W.


108 Buttles Ave., Columbus

Valentine, Julia D. & James E. from Commodore, Michael W.


2800 S. Dorchester Rd., 
Upper Arlington

Shaikhouni, Ammar & Clements, Aine E. from 2800 S. Dorchester LLC


4000 Old Poste Rd., Upper Arlington

Weprin, Michael & Karen from Weisel, Laura


2 S. Ealy Crossing, New Albany

Harper, Matthew & Carolyn from Maletz Development LLC


7829 Lambton Park Rd., New Albany

Kistner, Matthew T. & Megan from Beitler, Brian M. & Amy


351 S. Columbia Ave., Bexley

Ferrel, Jason Robert & Joanna Marie from Presper, Catharine M. & David J.


7217 Biddick, New Albany

Constantine, Nadine & Maged from Shumavon, Gregory J. & Tricia


60 Park Dr., Columbus

Jenks, Andrew & Kathryn from Hettinger, Thirza E., trustee

As provided by The Columbus Dispatch researcher Julie Fulton. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.