As provided by The Columbus Dispatch researcher Julie Fulton. Statistics are gathered from the greater Columbus area, including Franklin and parts of other surrounding counties.






2081 Tremont Rd., Upper Arlington

Haupt Erica L., trustee, from Michael Edwards Building & Design Inc.


2501 Onandaga Dr., Upper Arlington

Michael Edwards Building & Design Inc. from Falkenberg, Barth & Barbara


4844 Bellann Rd., Columbus

Kruppa, Adina J., trustee, from Albanese, Peter A. 
& Boyer, Rebecca L.


1662 Jewett Rd., Powell

N A 1662 LLC from Beal, Andrew & Joann


250 W. Spring St., Unit 921, Columbus

Sa, Daniel from Jacobson, Jeff M., trustee


5316 Lake Shore Ave., Westerville

Youssef, George & Jocelyne from Humphrey, Gene S. & Audri J.


585 Lazelle St., Columbus

585 South Lazelle LLC from Glimcher, Ellen R.


7590 Bellaire Ave., Dublin

Gable, Brad D. & Sarah J. from Murphy, Brian T., trustee


845 N. High St., Units 501 and 502, Columbus

Nanda, Rakesh from Riggle, Clyde M.


5410 Muirfield Ct., Dublin

Infante, Bradley J., trustee, from Weihe, Thomas B. 
& Gwen E.


7045 Bordeaux Ct., Dublin

Phan, Kinh Luan & Clipp, Megan from Aepli, Lorraine C.


4987 Ravines Edge Ct., Powell

Waheed, Feroze A. & Trahan, Dianna M. from Rodriguez, Carlos V. & Patricia F.


71 N. Sixth St., Columbus

Segal, Benjamin & Schmid, Michael M. from Gay Street Mews LLC


5000 Squirrel Bend Rd., 
Upper Arlington

Carson, Kevin & Caskey, Daniel from Four Squirrels LLC


10788 Winchcombe Dr., Dublin

Wright, Chad & Lindsay from Leess, Sandra H., trustee


2823 Sunbury Rd., Galena

Gibson, J. Bradley & Ginger, S., trustees, from Mastroianni, Rebecca K. & Michael J.


150 Beck St., Columbus

Langdale, Paige & Richard S. from Smith, David W.


250 W. Spring St., Unit 1011, Columbus

Zupan, Josephine from 245 Parks Edge Place LLC


9890 Olentangy River Rd., Powell

Rush, Mark A. & Deanna D. from Owens, Betsy E.


6112 Karrer Pl., Dublin

Duvall, David L. Jr. & Amy B. from Albright, Bryan J. 
& Carol S.


5038 Ravines Edge Ct., Powell

Ashley, Melissa A. & Curtiss L. from Blind, Jeffrey T.


2596 Andover Rd., Upper Arlington

Butts, Kyle D. from Rudzinski, Jeremy M. & Marcia L.


250 W Spring St., Unit 611, Columbus

Ibba, Mette from 245 Parks Edge Place LLC


5474 Dublin Rd., Dublin

Brigado Investments VI LLC from Coughlin, Albert L. Jr. & Debbie N.


2366 Club Rd., Upper Arlington

Maurer, Justin & Nancy from Finn, Matthew J. & Stacey A.